/ARCHIVE — 2016

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/jade nasogaluak carpenter - It never ends
RECEPTION: THURSDAY, september 15, 2016 FROM 6–7PM. REFRESHMENTS TO FOLLOW at The Palamino

exhibition dates: august 1 - september 31, 2016

Location: ARTS COMMONS +15 windows
205 8th Avenue SE

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/exhibition information

/JADE CARPENTER'S exhibition calm down, it never ends showcases her animation, The Jade Show; a collection of crude hand-drawn frame by frame animations depicting various subject matter, ranging from a humanoid cat flipping a bird to a floating head ripping its face off. Displayed on the wall behind the looping video is a banner that reads “IT NEVER ENDS”.

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/Artist Bio

/JADE NASOGALUAK CARPENTER was born in Yellowknife and raised in Edmonton. She attended Grant MacEwan University, receiving a diploma in Fine Art. She transferred to the Alberta College of Art and Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Drawing in 2016.

Carpenter’s art is focused on exploring herself and her insecurities. She uses humor as a coping mechanism, and as a proxy to address mental illness. She tries to make her art honest, and in this there comes a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Carpenter makes art because it allows her to express her feelings about being sad, experiencing social anxiety, having depression, and being uncomfortable most of the time. She makes art also because she likes to know that she’s not alone. She wants you to laugh, but also wants you to be concerned.

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