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Main space: SEPTEMBER 11 – OCTOBER 16, 2015
Reception FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2015. 8PM.

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/LIAR! LIAR! is a humorous critique of state surveillance and control, an examination of the culture of fear perpetuated by institutional authority, as well as the unmitigated trust in objective technologies. Presenting as highly trained AmCor Human Lie Detector Services Agents, Special Officers Çlåöd Îdíã and Åmÿ Mødähl will be present interrogating audience members during the exhibition reception for LIAR! LIAR!

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/Artist Bio

In a world where 91% of people lie regularly at work and at home, it is important to detect deception, even within our closest social networks. The average untrained human being can detect lies only 54% of the time. Discerning between lies and the truth can save us time, money, and guard our personal and economic safety. The successful start-up company AmCor Inc.® offers a unique solution to this important 21st century problem: the Deception Detection Training Program (DDTP). After examining participant meta-communicative functions, the DDTP interpretive analysis discloses the truth through a series of advanced contour drawing techniques, eye movement tracking lines, and subjective diagrams of the face.

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