/ARCHIVE — 2017

/+15 window


/twenty something
ryan danny owen
RECEPTION: thursday, may 11, 2017 FROM 6–7PM. REFRESHMENTS TO FOLLOW at The PalOmino

exhibition dates: april 1 - may 31, 2017

Location - ARTS COMMONS +15 windows
205 8th Avenue SE

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/TWENTY–SOMETHING questions the dynamics of finding an identity within a history of loss. Memorials are builtto pay homage or respects to a person, event, or period, while a ruin is the documentation of something once whole and now fragmented. The photographs are taken in the 1980’s and are archived from various sources.  These images, taken during the early stages of the AIDS crisis, maintains a closeness to ruins and memorials. Cumulatively, the work acts as a portrait or as a memorial to an identity still alive.



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/Artist Bio

/RYAN DANNY OWEN is a Calgary-based artist who will graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design Drawing program in 2017. His work examines queer identity, loss, desire, and time through the exploration of the dynamics of ruins,  memorials, and relationships.