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Artists — Lisa Murray & Marna Bunnel
Writers — Various
Publisher — Stride Gallery, 2005
Details — 104 Pages, 4.5" x 6.5", Paperback
ISBN — 0-921132-73-5
Price — $15 CAD + S&H
Screenprinted in Mexico by Javier Garcia



Beast is an artist book of drawings, prints, text and photographs by Marna Bunnell and Lisa Murray. With dark humour and erotic provocation, Bunnell and Murray collaborate to reveal and expose the scabrous and seductive little monsters, meanies, beasts and bogeymen that inhabit or invade our daily lives. Referencing fairy tales, barnyard tales, memory and dreams, Bunnell and Murray intertwine beauty and cruelty in this intimate navigation of deceit and disguise.

catalogue 09/10